Whether looking for a new hobby, perhaps a new career, looking to gain qualifications, update existing skills or wish to practice more advanced features our courses cater for enthusiastic new learners to experienced wallers.

Low Kays Lea training and test centre for dry stone walling now includes an enhanced range of courses.   The site has developed a range of practice and test walls ranging from basic "gapping up", through "wall ends" to more advanced features.

There is scope to practice and build features of choice as the centre provides a training area to facilitate the construction of walls, including advanced features such as retaining walls, walls on sloping ground, lunkies, corners and stiles etcetera.

Dry stone walling is an ancient craft practiced throughout the world for hundreds of years.  Recent times have seen the development of dry stone walling as an art.  However it was only in 2010 when dry stone walling was finally accepted as an occupation and the setting up of the National Occupational Standards.

The Dry Stone Walling Association of GB (DSWA) operates the only national series of progressive, practical test leading to the certificate Master Craftsman in dry stone walling.  (Ref Craftsman Certification Scheme, DSWA).

Dry stone walling is an important part of our landscape and the walls within each geographical area of the United Kingdom have their own characteristics, mainly determined by the type of stone.  To learn on the vernacular style you should approach the DSWA for advice.  At Low Kays Lea, Peter Dent uses the standard style of wall as depicted in the DSWA booklet "Technical Specifications for Dry Stone Walls" during his tuition.